Technical Papers


Computational Hydrodynamics of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

by Steven Harta Prawira

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Control of an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for Ocean Deployment

by Ng Ren Zhi

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3D Object Localization using Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) and Optical Camera via Particle Filter based Calibration and Fusion

by Yaadhav Raaj, Alex John, Tan Jin

Bumblebee AUV/ASV Development Work

by Alex Philipose John

Launch and Recovery of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Tey Kee Yeow

Design and Manufacture of a Pick-and-Place Manipulator for Integration within an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Tan Hui Juan Esther

Electrical System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Autonomous Surface Vehicle

by Vanessa Cassandra

Direction Finding Arrays in Acoustic and Electromagnetic Domains

by Huan Yongchang

Underwater Real-Time Object Recognition and Tracking forĀ Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Tan Soon Jin

Design and Implementation of a Backplane Electrical System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Hoang The Huan