2017 Sponsors

Bumblebee Autonomous Systems is where we are today because of the generous support and commitment of our sponsors towards our project. We would like to thank them with all our hearts, for their unwavering belief in us and for their contributions, which will be used to continually upgrade the vehicle, for our annual Singapore AUV Challenge in March, biennial Maritime RobotX Challenge in December, as well as the 20th AUVSI RoboSub in July.

Every gift, no matter the size or type, makes a difference to our project and paves the sea of our future. To become one of our sponsors, please contact us via email:

bumblebeeauv [at] gmail [dot] com

2017 Sponsors

Title Sponsors

NUS Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering (FOE) has supported our team with a cash sponsorship of SGD 50,000 this year, and a provision of a lab space in Advanced Robotics Centre (ARC) and Controls and Mechatronics Lab 1 for us to carry out our AUV development activities. This year, we managed to clinch additional support from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering, bringing the total sponsorship by FOE higher than before.

The Engineering Design Innovation Centre (EDIC) has supported our team with the purchase of new equipments, equipping our lab with more advanced tools to further prototype and develop our next generation vehicles.



The School of Computing (SOC) has supported our team with a equipment sponsorship of SGD 25,000 this year, helping us offset a huge portion of our competition cost.

Platinum Sponsors

DSO National Laboratories has strongly supported our team in finances and invaluable technical advice. DSO National Laboratories is Singapore’s chief National Defence R&D institution which specialises in developing defence technologies and strategic capabilities in the various domains of Air, Land, Sea and Cyber space.


ST Engineering

ST Engineering has supported our team through finances to help develop and fulfil our 3 year masterplan of integrating the AUV to the ASV. We are very grateful for their support, and are looking forward to work them in the future.

Cititech Industrial Engineering is our main sponsor for mechanical fabrications on board our vehicles, both the AUV and ASV. The services which we used for our manufacturing includes CNC machining, laser cutting, drilling, as well as anodising of the individual parts. Furthermore, Cititech goes the extra mile by helping us with raw materials procurement, ensuring that our product specifications are met with precision, and also providing helpful ideas and advice to our design problems. Without them, our vehicle wouldn’t even have a frame!


Gold Sponsors


Seatronics has provided underwater connectors, moulding support, and also pressure testing support in their facility. In previous years, Seatronics loaned us their M450 multi-beam imaging sonar and several key sensors for use on board our AUV.

Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMTech) is responsible for research and development, product development as well as process technology aimed at improving productivity in Keppel Offshore & Marine yards. KOMTech has strongly supported our project with cash sponsorship.



Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs. We have been using their pneumatic systems for all our manipulators: grabber, dropper, and torpedo launchers. The sponsored parts include linear cylinders, rotary actuators, solenoid valves, connectors and thru-panel aluminium bulkheads.

MacArtney Underwater Technology specialises in the areas of connectivity, launch and recovery, and data acquisition for oil and gas related companies, ocean science institutes, and marine renewable developers around the world. They have been supporting our project through the provision of underwater connectors, as well as cable moulding and potting services.



Kentronics Engineering Services & Supplies has delivered innovative designs & practical Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions to companies in diversified fields all around the world. They provide services from three phases of process for the Electronics Market, including PCB Design and Layout, Manufacturing, and finally Assembly. Kentronics has supported our project in a major way through their fabrication support of most of our customised PCB boards on our AUV.

Soon Lian Holdings Limited is a specialist supplier of aluminum raw product with an established tracked record of 20 years. Soon Lian has provided us with numerous aluminium raw products, which has been crucial in the manufacture of key components on BBAUV 3.0.

Soon Lian


Hallin Marine, now under Superior Energy Services, had been our title sponsor from 2012-2014. Superior Energy Services has supported our team developments with a cash sponsorship. Also, in our early days, they believed in us, strengthened our team with sponsorship link-ups to other industry partners, supported us with a cash sponsorship that enabled us to procure essential AUV components, and finally sponsored the team’s trip and freight for AUVSI RoboSub 2014.

IKM Subsea Singapore specializes in the production and operation of high tech ROVs and subsea equipment with their special Merlin technology. This includes design, product development, documentation, service support, and tailoring for vessels. For years, IKM has sponsored our team developments with cash sponsorship.


Wurth Electronik

Würth Elektronik is one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of passive electrical components. Their product range covers EMC Components, Capacitors, Inductors, RF Inductors and LTCC Components, Transformers, Components for Circuit Protection, Power Modules, LEDs, Connectors, Switches, High-Power Contacts and Assembly Technique. Würth Elektronik has supported our project through cash sponsorship and providing us with electromechanical parts and passive components.

Silver Sponsors


Sponsored: Screws & Fasteners


Sponsored: Hydrophones

Allied Tech

Sponsored: Guppy Cameras

Edmund Optics

Sponsored: Camera Lens


Sponsored: PCBs, Electrical Hardware and Kits

National Instruments

Sponsored: Online Training of FPGA


Sponsored: 3 IMUs


Sponsored: Single Board Computer


Sponsored: Matlab & Plugins

Temasek Hall

Sponsored: Holiday Accommodations

Raffles Hall

Sponsored: Holiday Accommodations

Bronze Sponsors




Supporting Organisations (Resources)

NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) in La Jolla, California, annually supports Team Bumblebee by lending us the Ocean Technology Development Test Tank for our AUV testing.



Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) is the oldest yacht club in Asia and the only members-owned yacht club in Singapore. They have supported us immensely by providing us the location and amenities required to keep our ASV testing 5 days a week!

SportsSG has immensely supported the development of Bumblebee throughout our 5 years of existence, through the provision of a prime testing spot in Queenstown Swimming Complex’s diving pool.



Fugro Subsea Technologies is the world’s leading, independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions for large constructions, infrastructure and natural resources. Fugro is currently supporting us by providing pressure tank testing facilities and technical support.

Supporting Organisations (Cash & Equipment)









MV Asia

Kraus & Naimer



Past Sponsors

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