Software Overview 2.0

Bumblebee’s software system consists of the mission planner and the vision subsystems to complete the competition courses. The software system is built upon the Debian GNU/Linux x64 operating system which provides multicore parallel processing for the vision, control and mission systems.

Built on the architecture set in place last year, the software architecture is based on the ROS (Robot Operating System) Software Framework by Willow Garage. The ROS distribution has been upgraded to ROS Hydro from the previous ROS Fuerte. Each
software unit is a ROS node, and all communication, data acquisition and publishing are done through the ROS architecture. The software stack has been further modularised to allow experimentations and quick reconfiguration on-site. Highly customisable
interfaces have been developed in Python to facilitate vision tuning. Locomotion of the vehicle is achieved using the action servers and clients based on the ROS actionlib API.