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Team Bumblebee at TRANSDEC testing facility at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific for RoboSub 2019 at San DeigoTeam Bumblebee Winning Best Static Judging at RoboSub 2019

We achieved best static judging at Robosub 2019!! This year competition was tough with many strong contenders; there were over 55 teams and some with dual vehicle set-ups. Although, we were unable to achieve the goal we set for ourself, but we definitely did our best. We were able to complete the tasks during the practice runs but there were many uncertainties during our actual run. Therefore, we will definitely learn from our mistakes and will be back for the challenge next year!

We would like to thank National University of Singapore our title sponsor and home faculty, our platinum sponsors DSO National Laboratories, Future Systems and Technology Directorate, DEME Groups and everyone else who have supported us one way or another. Thank you to everyone who has believed in our work one way or another!!

Congratulations to HEU, FEFU and ASU for a job well done and Team Inspiration for inspiring us again and again.