Sensor and Actuator System

BumbleBee 2.0 presents a redesigned and custom fabricated PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for the sensors and actuators shield. The Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller developmental board is based on the previously used ATMega 2560 microcontroller. The previous shield design was continued for the quick swap of microcontroller crucial for modular debugging during port or component damages.


New sensors such as internal pressure and humidity sensors are added to the current suite of the AHRS-8 IMU, depth and temperature sensors. This board also interfaces the six Seabotix thrusters and the pneumatic manipulators. The current thrusters are enhanced by including actuator controls to the electronic speed controllers operating on the two Videoray surge thrusters.

In addition, LED strips are integrated as state indicators, while a TFT LCD screen display provide visual feedback on the system sensor status. These indicators are especially useful during autonomous runs for understanding the vehicle’s current state.