Bumblebee Robosub Journal 2014


BumbleBee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (BBAUV) is the product of a team of undergraduates from National University of Singapore (NUS), title-sponsored by Hallin Marine. This vehicle is designed for two competitions: the 17th AUVSI RoboSub Competition and the Singapore AUV Challenge. The BumbleBee vehicle was fully modelled using the SolidWorks CAD package and fabricated by Cititech Engineering and NUS. Bumble-Bee presents a more modular and robust frame, and incorporates new advancements such as custom fabricated electrical boards and significant software changes for mission robustness. BumbleBee’s sensor suite includes an Explorer DVL, an imaging sonar, a hydrophone array, an IMU, two colour cameras, a depth sensor and an internal pressure sensor. Its software architecture is built upon ROS Hydro and more complex vision algorithms have been implemented using OpenCV Python.


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