After getting through the fright of finals, Team Hornet has worked hard to catch up to deadlines. We are slowly seeing the rough shape of our AUV come into picture. Learning along the way, we are trying to transfer our recently acquired skillset to efficiently complete the AUV.



Coloured tubs and barriers were made to replicate competition environment in the pool tests. They helped us realize the shortcomings of the AUV. The knowledge gained from the initial pool tests has helped us to perform tweaks while inching towards the final assembly.


Pool tests seem to be immense fun! Nothing is better than a cool bath on a hot Singaporean day! They help us learn about the hands-on practicality of our design. Designing something on paper and practically testing it out are  two completely different things. Small changes were periodically made and pool tests were re-conducted.


Pool tests are also the first time that the software team has had something physical to work with. Previously, they had to use simulations to test out their code. It is therefore an inebriating experience for them as they try and control Hornet 2.0!

The fervour and excitement is exponentially increasing as we are nearing the end of the manufacturing process. With every coming day come new challenges, however we are embracing them with open arms. Each problem provides an opportunity to learn. Problems challenge us to do things differently by making us venture out of our comfort zone. They are therefore unparalleled teachers in themselves. We strive for excellence and hope that our hard work pays off!