Exams are close, as well as the deadline for completion of a full-fledged product. Meeting the expectations of both is getting difficult. However, the job of engineers is indeed to get the work done, by hook or by crook (though always the former is chosen in such cases).

We are very close to having a complete structural design of Hornet 2.0. This includes the hulls for electrical rack, battery, camera as well as the IMU housing. The thrusters have almost been installed and the grabber is also close to completion of being fully functional. The following picture shows our grabber with a relatively new working principle.

hornet-and-exam-1 The current grabber.

There are some back up plans at work for various components as there is always a chance of failure for any unseen element. It is always good for an engineer to have a holistic and critical perspective for designing things. Looking at it from a new dimension not only allows to identify the potential faults but also gives a new outlook of solving that problem.


For the rest of the time, shopping was done at our sponsor’s place whom we would like to thank. The hull was to be chamfered and along with that, the mechanical team went on some adventure to get raw materials at kaki bukit area such as the following hardware shop to get some wing bolts for the main hull. The experience was interesting.


All in all, the excitement is increasing as we are coming to an end of the design phase and moving on to the testing phase. As it can be predicted that some things would go wrong while some things would go exceptionally well, the next phase awaits, for learning and eagerness of the members would never cease to increase. A lot in the real world is trial and error and it just can’t be solved by mere theory. That is what engineers do, especially mechanical engineers, even under pressure.