It is the time of the year again and Team Bumblebee is not sparing any effort in our recruitment drive. With exciting plans (we will be having a new AUV and ASV next year!) in place, it is crucial that the team attracts the best talent that the university has to offer.

Recruitment has to start way before the school starts. Our hornet captain, Jonathan, approached various faculties and departments’ administrative staff for recruitment email blast to freshies and year 2 students.  He has also managed to get our promotional video playing on the TV located around engineering campus!

In addition, through our own networks of friends, we managed to secured publicity air time for multiple engineering freshmen orientation camps to stay a step ahead of our friends (rivals?!?!) in other engineering project groups.

Fast forward to when school starts, this is the first time ever that team bumblebee is taking part in NUS Student Life Fair. With our magnificent vehicle on display, I am sure that many students were impressed with the quality of engineering work that a group of undergraduate students is able to achieve.

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After expressing interest, we had potential team members to sign up for our welcome tea sessions which will be held later at night. Our recruitment efforts have definitely paid off, with full house attendances for both of our welcome tea. Chairs were even required to be brought in from the other rooms!

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We are delighted to have such a huge reception for our welcome tea. However, our work does not end here. We still need to be rigorous in our preparation for the teaching materials and keep a lookout for potential members that with the passion and right mentality to be integrated into the team.