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Today is the qualification day of SAUVC. Most teams have the chance to test their vehicles and check whether their vehicle could pass the qualification gate without touching the bottom/wall or the qualification gate. The team impressed me most was Macau Pui Ching Middle School, one of the youngest team in the competition. During their first try, their vehicle ran quite fast but touched the top of the qualification gate and thus failed. They then try to submerge their vehicle by changing to heavier batteries. Unfortunately, they tried twice and still failed when time last was less than 6 minutes. They did not give up and removed the sponge on top of their vehicle. Finally, their passed the qualification test. Like the Macau team, all the teams showed their perseverance and passion to the SAUVC competition. They all tried their best and never gave up.
Before doing the qualification round, we encountered problems of Odroid SBC malfunction and bad connection of wires in a port, which caused the disconnection of internet and the unexpected voltage drop. Our members replaced the chip with a spare part, and the wire interface was re-soldered properly. Then, software team tested on their codes for controls since we needed the vehicle to go straight to qualify and be calibrated. We also had to test the vehicle without tethering as it was not commonly done during the previous pool tests. We faced some issues regarding the controls as it kept turning left or right at some points. This may be due to the unbalanced torque generated by the thruster when thrusting the body up and down.
As the team on the last slot of qualification, we drew the focus of everyone and undergone equivalent stress. Jimmy and Delvin were our launchers. To let the vehicle run more smoothly and straightly, we decided to use 70% thrust rate in the first round with the vehicle’s self-navigation based on optical flow method. Although, it was a little bit slow, the vehicle steadily went through the gate and we were qualified. After that we tried maximum thrust to increase our time performance. Finally, we ended up as the 12th in the qualification test. Good job, Hornet!