On the 11th of December 2017, the Bumblebee team had a chance to tour the Fugro office in Singapore, a company that operates commercial Autonomous and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles as well as other global operations.

The Bumblebee team had a chance to tour Fugro’s warehouse where they serviced their Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Mr William Lee, Managing Director for Fugro Subsea Technologies Singapore, showed us the various ROVs in different states of servicing. We also had a chance to enter a ROV control room where we learnt more about the controls and the various backup systems in place. The control room that we entered was one that was built for offshore oil rig projects and it was designed with an auxiliary control station for direct control, remote control and teleoperation .

Fugro also showed us Kongsberg HUGIN, belonging to one of their older family of AUVs that they had. The electronics such as the IMU and various sensors were housed in a titanium sphere to withstand pressure. The sphere will also be pressurised after sealing. The Bumblebee team had a chance to see the launching ramp for the AUV, as well as the grappling hook to fish the AUV out by its nose.

We also had a chance to engage some of the staff and view some of the facilities that they had, including their tank for pool testing and dock. The Bumblebee team had an enjoyable time learning more about deep water technologies. We also gained a deeper understanding of the commercial applicationsĀ of such technology. With the growth in maritime exploration and increase in demand for subsea technology applications, the Bumblebee team is optimistic about the relevance of the AUV and ASV competitions that we compete in.