Vision Filter Suite

The Vision Filter Suite was designed for the Computer Vision Team to apply quick filter chain to imagery collected on the fly from the camera systems on board. This proved critical in the quick adjustment of Vision parameters on the fly during practice runs to achieve the optimal settings for the vision algorithms to work perfectly.



The Vision filter suite now offers the capability to perform image segmentation with thresholding in the HSV colour space (which is used primarily in our vision algorithms) with real time feeds on the results of the filter applied. A histogram of the current imagery allows users to more optimally select their threshold ranges on the fly.  The current filter chain from the current running vision nodes is also provided for easy debugging of vision algorithms with live camera feed and processed image feeds all placed within the same interface.

Lastly, as an experimental feature, other forms of thresholding can be explored such as adaptive thresholding methods of local analysis and Otsu’s algorithm.