Pneumatics Systems

The manipulator system on the vehicle comprises of two torpedo launchers, two marker droppers, a grabber and a rotary arm. These manipulators are actuated through the use of Festo pneumatic components.

Air Source 


  • 68 cubic inch carbon fiber Ninja  paintball compressed air tank
  • Air pressure regulated from 3000psi down to 100psi with a dual stage regulator system before being fed to the manipulators


Torpedoes System

torpedoesA Festo quick exhaust valve, SE-¼, is connected between the pressure chamber and barrel.

Firing the torpedoes:

  • Air supply to the pressure chamber is cut
  • Almost immediate release of pressurized air from quick exhaust valves to barrel
  • Rapid expansion of gas propels the torpedoes towards the target from their barrels.


Dropper Systems


  • Markers designed with large fins and stainless steel tip to ensure fast and accurate trajectory
  • Placed in a 3D printed holder
  • When actuated, the piston of the cylinders will retract, releasing the markers from its holder.




  • Each set of claws is actuated by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  • 5/2 way solenoid valves control the flow of air into the cylinders to open the and close the claws
  • Cylinders of both arms are connected in parallel to the same solenoid valve, both set of claws are activated in unison to maintain a two-point contact for stability.

Rotary Actuator: Festo DSM-16


  • Responsible for the turning of the steering wheel double-acting rotary vane design
  • Able to rotating up to 270 degrees in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions
  • 5/2 way solenoid valves are also used to control the flow of air for rotation
  • Can be retracted into the vehicle by a pneumatic linear actuator
  • Prevents field of vision from potential blockage