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Bumblebee 1.0 Power Systems



BBAUV’s power system consists of 4 x 5400mAH 6-Cell lithium polymer batteries, 4 x battery management boards, 1 x Hot Swap Load Sharing Controller Board and 1 x 250W DC-DC ATX power supply.


Each battery management board connects to a battery and provides coulomb counting, programmable voltage output and time out auto shutdown feature when the battery runs low on power. Each battery board also allow for the input of the AC-DC power for powering up by the bench. The 250W DC-DC ATX power supply provides high amperage 12V, 5V and 3.3V rails to a variety of sensors, computers and boards in the vehicle. The battery management boards provide power to the 6 thrusters. Power path of the thrusters and computer/sensors are totally independent to reduce any chance of noise interferences.