Bumblebee Autonomous Surface Vessel

Top Speed

5 knots

Single Board Computer Model

Motherboard: IMBM-Q170A

Power System

2 x 22.2V 10000mAh LiPo Battery for electronics
1 x 12.6V 6800mAh LI-ion Battery for independent kill system

Vision Sensors

2 x Mako G-131 Camera for front facing stereo vision
1 x Mako G-131 Camera for side facing vision
1 x Mako G-131 Camera for underwater vision
1 x SICK LD-MRS400001 LIDAR for forward detection


Hydrophone array based on Teledyne reson TC4013 hydrophones
NI9223 Analog input module
NI sbRIO-9606 400MHz controller with Xilinx Spartan-6 LX45 FPGA
High resolution Multiple Signal Classification algorithm for DOA calculation

Wireless Communications

Control link – 900MHz Xbee XSC Pro (Digimesh)
Safety Kill link – 900MHz Xbee XSC Pro (Digimesh)
Data link – 2.4GHz BulletM Titanium Radio

Degrees of Freedom



SAMTEC Acclimate™ Bayonet Sealed Circulars
SAMTEC Acclimate™ Threaded Circulars
LEMO Connectors

Propulsion System

2 x Torqeedo Travel 1003S
2 x 532.8 Wh batteries


Festo Pneumatics Systems
4x ball launchers mounted on stepper and servo motor assembly
4 degrees of freedom via the use of stepper and servo motors with onboard IMU stabilisation
Linear-rotary actuator for underwater manipulation

Navigation System

Novatel OEM 628 GPS receiver with Antcom G5 L1/L2 GPS antenna
STIMS300 Inertial Measurement Unit
Sparton AHRS8 Inertial Measurement Unit for magnetics
Odroid XU4 Single Board Computer

Software Architecture

Robot Operating System (ROS)
Gentoo GNU/Linux x64

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