The Pioneer Team – 2013

NUS BumbleBees has its main team made up of NUS undergraduates, supported by mentoring professor Prof. Marcelo Ang and other industry professionals who provide timely advice and feedback on the building of BumbleBee.
• Team Leader: Ong Tian Chang
• Business/PR: Grace Chia
• Mechanical: Dennis Ong, Shawn Kong, Thomas Ng, Grace Chia, Fong Whye Kit
• Pneumatics: Thomas Ng
• Electrical: Louis Tran, Hoang Tran, Goh Eng Wei,Ong Tian Chang
• Acoustics: Louis Tran, Hoang Tran
• Software: Goh Eng Wei, Jonathan Ong, Tian Chang


SAUVC : (From left to right) Grace Chia, Dennis Ong, Shawn Kong, Ong Tian Chang, Jonathan Ong, Louis Tran, Hoang Tran

Robosub: Fong Whye Kit, Grace Chia, Thomas Ng, Ong Tian Chang, Goh Eng Wei, Jonathan Ong, Louis Tran, Hoang Tran