External Enclosures

Front Facing Camera Housing Assembly

Camera Housing

BumbleBee’s external enclosures house the electrical systems located outside the main hull. These comprises the DVL (Doppler Velocity Log) housing, camera housing, the hydrophones enclosure and the battery pods.

DVL Housing

The DVL housing was fabricated by welding 6061 aluminum tubes into a T structure. The vertical tube houses the sensor head while the horizontal tube houses the electronic box. SubConn lower profile bulkheads are used to provide an electrical connection. The end caps are sealed against the tube with a double O-ring radial seal.

DVL and Housing Assembly

Battery Pods

The battery pods consist of acrylic tubes epoxied to off-the-shelf screw on/of end caps that are integrated with O-ring seals. The pods feature titanium pressure relief valves from DeepSea Power and Light. This safety feature prevents an explosion in the event of pressure build-up in the battery pod from overcharging of the LiPo battery housed in the pods. SubConn MCBH16F and MCBH8F underwater connectors are attached to the pods to serve as power lines and balancing leads for the LiPo batteries respectively.