Launch and Recovery of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Tey Kee Yeow



In this thesis, the launch and recovery system of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) from an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) is presented. The primary objective is to determine the feasibility of launching an AUV from an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) and implement it on the system. The LARS is primarily designed to cater for the Maritime RobotX Challenge but deployable for low sea state use. The AUV used in this system is the Bumblebee 3.0 which was used to participate in International Robosub Competition 2016.

To meet this objective, industry LARS are examined closely with engineers, reading from paper works, and multiple digital sources. The most feasible method is determined to be using load-bearing tether coupled with the use of a telescopic arm to reduce the effect of splash zone transition. The concept was tested with series of prototype tests and proven to be useful in developing subsequent product. The literature review of LARS, designs, experimental results, and recommendations for future work are presented in this thesis.


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