Electrical System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Autonomous Surface Vehicle

by Vanessa Cassandra



Team Bumblebee has been developing Bumblebee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) version 3.0 since August 2014 and it finally made its debut during Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge in March 2016. From the initial stage of conception until the deployment of the vehicle, there are problems that were not foreseen and only arose during operation. Improvements need to be made to make the system more robust and reliable.

Team Bumblebee has also started the development of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) and it will be deployed during Maritime RobotX Challenge in December 2016.

This paper discusses the improvements that can be made for Bumblebee AUV version 3.0 to ensure a stable system and also about the electrical architecture of the ASV.


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