Direction Finding Arrays in Acoustic and Electromagnetic Domains

by Huang Yongchang



In this thesis, we consider the problem of direction finding in the acoustic and electromagnetic domain. In the electromagnetic domain, Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) and Median Filtering have been proposed as the appropriate wideband DOA techniques that can be used in a frequency selective channel and in the presence of narrowband interferences. Simulation results have shown that these proposed techniques yield a more accurate Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation in comparison to Equal Gain Combining (EGC). The narrowband MUSIC algorithm has also been tested in the antenna test chamber at Temasek Laboratories. Implementation issues involving the calibration of multiple software-defined radios have been resolved using a calibration signal for phase estimation and phase compensation. In the acoustic domain, sophisticated direction finding algorithms have been developed on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to complete the acoustic localization task in the Singapore AUV Challenge (SAUVC). Results collected from extensive pool tests indicate that the high-resolution MUSIC algorithm presents a more robust solution compared to the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) algorithm.


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