Design and Implementation of a Backplane Electrical System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

by Hoang The Huan



The electrical system of Bumblebee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle version 2.0 has been tested extensively during pool tests and competitions from March 2014 till now. Several problems have been identified and analyzed for future improvements. As part of the development for Bumblebee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle version 3.0, an electrical backplane system is proposed which will incorporate changes to fix the existing problems, reduce the amount of wiring, enhancing reliability and testability.

This thesis discusses the existing problems in the electrical system of Bumblebee version 2.0, presents possible solutions for those problems as well as new features. It describes the development and testing methodologies of the solutions and new features. Next, the design considerations for incorporating the solutions and new features on the backplane are discussed. Finally, it presents the final electrical backplane product.


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