Autonomous Surface Vessel 2.0

Check out the latest in surface vessel technology!
Set Sail!

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 3.0

Find out more about our latest third generation AUV here!


Software Autonomy

Find out more about Artificial Intelligence behind Bumblebee’s Autonomy!


Bumblebee Fugro Office Tour

On the 11th of December 2017, the Bumblebee team had a chance to tour the Fugro office in Singapore, a company that operates commercial Autonomous and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles as well as other global operations. The Bumblebee team had a chance to tour...

Bumblebee exhibits at IMDA Tech Saturday Singapore

Over the labour day weekend, our students showcased the AUV and spoke about our work to the public. It was a good oureach activity and we hope everyone took away something from us!   Hear what Samuel Ong from team @BumblebeeAS has to say about #techsaturday #sni2017...

Hornet Pool Testing

This blog post seeks to talk about the challenges of testing and potentially ways to improve the productivity of testing. The nature of Hornet, an underwater vehicle that involves hardware and software components to work simultaneously, makes testing challenging. Even...

Hornet Progress

Year 2016 has past and we are now in 2017, nearing SAUVC 2017. There are still many challenges up ahead that we must face. One main issue that we are tackling is computer vision. The colour of the object of interest, which is a red pail (as seen below), does not stay...

Bumblebee Swims, and Sails Autonomously now – Maritime RobotX Challenge 4th place win

Proving that they can overcome all challenges in and on the waters, the Bumblebee team emerged victorious at the recently concluded 2016 Maritime RobotX Challenge in Hawaii. Placed 4th, the team was the only finalist who had less than 4 months to work on their...